What IS hardcore gaming!?

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What IS hardcore gaming!? Empty What IS hardcore gaming!?

Post  Davoid on Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:27 am

I all. I'm working on a little web project & I'm doing a bit of research... I do not know if I will see the end of that project, but it has to do about Nintendo & Hardcore gaming... Rolling Eyes

I thought about hardcore gaming & the things that define what IS an hardcore game. I came up with a few criterias... Takes note that an hardcore game could feature any combination of those:

• Hard to master gaming mecanics
• Intricate storyline/lore
• Requires memorization or good reflexes
• Has a sizeable competitive edge
• Features intricate gaming mecanics
• Has some punitive gameplay
• Overall "hardcore" appeal

What do you think... did I miss some? scratch Are there any that could be formulated in a classier way? Tell me. albino Cheers! cheers
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