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Post  Tony Miller on Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:39 pm

I just saw the first part of Medusa’s Revenge, which is the animated short from studio 4C. They’re the same company that’s doing the reboot of Thundercats. I think this short is a two parter. Man, is it completely different in tone than Thanatos Rising is. Where I think the Thanatos short is more representative of what the game is going to be, Medusa’s Revenge is very dark in tone. The animation is gorgeous. It’s got lots of flowing cloth, plenty of dark lines and shadows. Even Pit and Palutena, while they’re voiced by the same people, feel different in the way they are portrayed. More somber, Pit seems angrier. I really like this one. Thanatos Rising was okay, but this was really good. We still need to see the last one, but I think I would pick this one if I was going to choose one to base a TV series off of.
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