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All about me!!!! Empty All about me!!!!

Post  •taylor• on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:29 pm

I love you Hi my name is Taylor, and I love the color green. I am 12, and I have 2 sisters, and I have 3 moms, and 1 dad. 2 of my moms, and also my dad are in the military, and they always deploy all the time, so I never really spend time with my parents. I never saw my birth mom, which really sucks... and I actually only saw my birth mom in a pic. I have 2 pet frogs,(Kermy and Sammy ← I know weird names right?!XD)which I caught... and I also have a dog,(Trey, a beautiful boxer)anywho I love animals, and I love making friends too! And also Im quite shy, but don't blam me, Im quite fun to talk to when u get to know me! I love running+writing it is my fav thing to do, and sometimes when Im depressed I write stories that I make up Very Happy I don't really spend time on viedo games or the internet, because Im doing my soccer/track practice, but here is my fc: 0946-3370-5765 if u want to add me though, just message below↓↓ or in a message your fc or something.... well thats pretty much it, if u have any questions ask!I love you
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