Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 15

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Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 15

Post  Tony Miller on Mon Apr 05, 2010 11:16 am

The Easter Holiday caused some scheduling conflicts that meant we didn’t get a chance to record a normal show. Shelby and I recorded a shorter show for you. It’s about half as long as normal. We talk a little bit about WarioWare for Wii and Cave Story in the What’s in Your Wii segment. We also hit a bit of the news that happened. We talk about the new Metroid, Mario and Sonic trailers and we announce the winner of the Question Block trivia contest for March. There are no new questions for the show this week, but the Question Block will return for next week’s show.

Episode 15 Run Time: 34:00
Hosts: Tony, Shelby

If you’ve got any comments, questions or feedback for the show you cna always email us at You can follow us on Twitter at or head on over to the forums at We’ve also got a Facebook group where we talk about much of the stuff that goes on during the week.
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