Greenpeace vs. Nintendo

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Greenpeace vs. Nintendo

Post  Tony Miller on Thu May 27, 2010 8:33 am

The battle for the environment continues. Greenpeace continually releases lists of the companies that are best AND worst for the environment. Nintendo generally doesn't participate in these survey's for whatever reason and consistently score at the bottom. The gaming industry in general is beginning to take steps to "go green" and I don't like it. Not because I hate the environment, that's a completely different issue, but because they're making changes I don't think are going to be good in the long run.

The biggest is companies like Ubisoft and others switching the packaging that their games come in. The boxes for these games now have that wagon wheel/spoke look under the game disc and if you pull out the manual it has a cut out in the shape of the recycling symbol. This is where I take some issue. They're skimping on packaging to use less materials, but there could be issues with games being damaged. There is nothing between these empty spots and the disc. These holes have edges that could be damaged and in turn cause discs to be scratched up. There no protection should something puncture the plastic under the disc so that could damage our discs. These games aren't expensive and they need to be protected as best as they can. There needs to be something under every inch of those discs to keep them from being damaged.

Am I right? Am I going way overboard? What do you think?
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