Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 38

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Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 38

Post  Tony Miller on Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:26 am

For the first time in Okie Cast history we are all in the same room. Join Tony, Will, Peter, Shelby and even Josh as we talk about the games we have been playing and the news of the week. For the discussion we talk about where all those New Play Control! games have gone and which game we would like to see get the NPC make over. It all comes to a close with a Question Block on the verge of exploding into a blue mushroom cloud. Listen and be wise.

Episode 38
Hosts: Tony, Shelby, Will, Peter, Josh

If you know the answers to the Question Block, send them to Also, feel free to send us any questions or feedback to that same address. If you want to hear what we have to say 140 characters at a time, you can follow us on Twitter at If you would like to talk to like minded people as yourself, try out our forum at Subscribe to our YouTube account and catch all our awesome videos before they hit the site. And we also have a Facebook group that we do stuff with sometime.
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