The Question Block is BACK!!!!!!

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The Question Block is BACK!!!!!!

Post  Tony Miller on Fri May 04, 2012 12:21 pm

It's back and Shelby and I couldn't be more excited. Episode 49 (Season 2 Episode 1) just went live today and we debut a new segment called The Hot Seat. Now you get the chance to answer questions live on the show and we hope that you'll join us. Take a listen to the show. More importantly, though, tell us what you think. We want your feedback on the show. The things you liked, the things you didn't like. Did you like the new segment? Are the questions too hard? We give you the answers this time around during the same show.

We're still going to be giving you the chance to win prizes. Once a month we'll have a special Prize Round where we'll ask you five questions. You will have two weeks to get your answers to us. Each correct answer will net you one chance to win whatever the prize is. If you get all five right you get five chances to win. That adds some skill to the pot, but still gives everyone the chance to win.

Also, if you want to take your turn in The Hot Seat send us an email to and tell us what topic you'd like to be quizzed on. It can be anything video game related from a specific character or game to a certain genre of game that you like. As long as it's video game related it's fair game.
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